How to define pregnancy if periods

How to define pregnancy if periods

Pregnancy and monthly - things incompatible. Normal pregnancy should not be followed by any bloody allocations. But more often aberrations meet, some women even do not guess that it is first sign to run to the doctor and as soon as possible. It is possible to define pregnancy at periods, but only whether it will be possible to keep it?


1. If at you began monthly as usual, but at the same time you suspect that are pregnant, immediately buy the test. Make it in the morning and pay attention to quantity of red strips. If their two, so you are pregnant. Sometimes the test reacts to usual hormonal failure therefore its result cannot be considered true for 100%, but it is worth addressing to hospital after all.

2. In the first weeks of pregnancy at women suspicious symptoms which have to guard not less, than positive test result begin to appear: nausea in the mornings, loss of appetite, dizziness, frequent change of mood and others. But symptoms can be shown not at all women and they have individual character.

3. If you want to keep the child, address the gynecologist. After take blood test on hormone level from you - everything will become extremely clear. Also you will be examined by the doctor who without effort will be able to determine pregnancy by the sizes and height of landing of a uterus and even to determine approximate term. Well and of course nobody cancelled ultrasonography, the device fixes existence of fetal egg on the earliest terms when it was just attached to uterus walls.

4. After all analyses and performing ultrasonography, to you, most likely, will suggest to go to hospital. It is impossible to refuse it as there is every chance to lose the child. During pregnancy should not be pregnant women of 2-3 times, can tell that they periods had about 3-4 months after conception. Yes, it happens, but if you want to give birth to the healthy kid, then immediately call an ambulance or reach the nearest hospital. More often bleeding develops as a result of hormonal failure or flaking of an embryo that can end is deplorable.

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