How to define that it is time to go to the logopedist

How to define that it is time to go to the logopedist

To the logopedist it is worth going when the 2-year-old kid does not speak absolutely or pronounces only several words. The situation becomes complicated if the same problems are observed at 4-5-year-old children.

Some parents do not consider an occasion to worry when their kid by five years only begins to pronounce the first words, and some sound the alarm and "drag on doctors" the one-and-a-half-year-old kid if it, according to them, not rather accurately expresses the thoughts. How not to miss the moment and to understand that it is time to go to the logopedist?

Prerequisites to possible problems with the speech

If at the birth and in the first months of life the neurologist makes to the kid the diagnosis of "MMD", "PEP" or "hypoxemic - ischemic damage of central nervous system, a delay of psychomotor development", then already at this stage it is possible to claim safely that the child will have problems with speech development. Therefore parents can think of correctional classes on the first months of life of the kid. Children with poor health, problems with hearing, sight, a thyroid gland and mentality also get into risk group. Parents should prick up the ears if by 1.5 years the child has no phrase speech if he does not begin to pronounce the first syllables words. By three years the child has to be able to build a phrase of three words.

Sometimes mental development of the kid is slowed down by parents, lisping and intentionally talking to him in lepetny language. Such "syasi-masyas" lead to infantility with all that it implies. But there is also a reverse of the medal when parents from the cradle raise the child prodigy and try to drive him in all circles which only are near their house. Such loading can be pernicious for mentality of the kid and if he also since small years learns a foreign language, then in general will get confused in sound pronunciation.

When to go

To the logopedist it is necessary to go when the two-year-old child has no speech at all or his dictionary makes no more than 10 words. Here it is important to find the competent expert who has experience not only corrections of sounds, but also formation of the speech at nonspeaking children. As a rule, to find such logopedist very difficult, most of them gets to work with 4-5-year-old children when the moment is already missed. As the option can try to be given the kid to logopedic kindergarten, there classes with such children are given in groups, since 3 years. In general the logopedist begins to put and correct sounds at 4-year-old kids. Special attention is paid to children with stutter and also to 6-year-old kids incapable to remember verses, to retell the text and to utter some words.

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