How to define whether you will have children

How to define whether you will have children

Before each couple there is a question sooner or later whether they will be able to become parents? Certainly, if reproductive function at both partners as it should be, then the probability to have children is very high. However the problem is much more difficult. Health of future child is affected by the state of health of parents before conception. Before marriage undergo medical examination in the majority of the developed countries. It is not in our country. Therefore after several joint years of life it becomes clear that someone in couple cannot have children. Or someone has a serious hereditary disease with big risk to transfer to posterity. Of course, it is possible to live happily in marriage without children or with the adopted child. But it is better to foreknow about it and to decide consciously on such marriage.

It is required to you

  • To undergo inspection at doctors.


1. First of all, pregnancy is impossible if someone in couple has a serious disease. Pregnancy is contraindicated if the woman has at least one of the following diseases.1. The heavy congenital or acquired heart disease. 2. Heavy course of a hypertension with blood circulation.3 violations. Chronic renal failure.4. Diseases of lungs with respiratory insufficiency.5. The heavy course of the diseases connected with endocrine violations.6. Oncological disease.7. Some viral or parasitic infection.8. The severe short-sightedness complicated by an otsloyka of a retina.9. Hereditary diseases. If the husband also has a serious hereditary illness, then it is not recommended to have children too.

2. If who - from parents take alcohol or drugs, then probability to have children decreases. Even, if pregnancy arose, then to give birth to the child with deviations is big. Alcohol has toxic effect on an ovum and its activity even before pregnancy that inevitably influences development of an embryo. If the woman during pregnancy constantly takes alcohol, then there can be an alcoholic syndrome of a fruit. Some men who are regularly taking alcohol are not capable to conception. Narcotic substances negatively influence sperm and an ovum. If in family someone does drugs and there was pregnancy, the child can have heavy malformations. Other factor interfering conception is smoking. Smoking causes violation of a menstrual cycle, chance to become pregnant in women decreases. Causing narrowing of vessels, nicotine negatively influences pre-natal development of a fruit. Smoking during pregnancy increases risk of death of a fruit.

3. Violation of a menstrual cycle is other reason of infertility. If the periods do not come up to 16 years, it speaks about pathology of reproductive function. Lack of periods more than 6 months is called amenorey. Causes of infringement of a menstrual cycle are various. These are infections, diseases internal and genitals, abortions, stresses, violations of food, overfatigue. It is important to establish in due time the reason and to begin treatment.

4. Violation position of female genitals is the reasons of infertility. If the woman has a large amount of men's hormones, then it will not be possible to become pregnant. It is necessary to be treated. Thus, 75% of women have any disease and have children. But the risk of pathological pregnancy at them sharply increases. Therefore planning pregnancy it is necessary to be prepared for it in advance. To cure chronic diseases if it is possible, to eliminate the infection centers. To refuse addictions. Sometimes, as at the smoking woman the healthy child is born, but there is no guarantee that you will be included in this list.

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