How to develop the baby

How to develop the baby

With the child, since the birth, it is necessary to be engaged constantly. It is important to each mom to know how it is correct to play with the child how to help to develop his sight, hearing and fine motor skills.


1. Develop sight of the kid. The newborn child very badly sees, he is not capable to distinguish colors and to watch moving objects. These abilities appear gradually in process of growing. Hang up at the height about 20-25 cm from his eyes red, yellow and green toys, these colors the baby begins to distinguish before others. And best of all establish the bright turning carousel over a bed. Your child will learn to look after toys, thereby developing the sight.

2. Read to the child of the book from the earliest age. You will fill up with it its lexicon, it is unimportant that the kid for the present is not able to speak. Sing to it children's songs, tell fairy tales. When the baby is awake, try to talk to him always. You conduct to him tours on the house, explain for what any given subject is necessary. Believe, it is not waste of time, the child is capable "to absorb" in himself all information since the birth. A conversation with different intonation and loudness – exercise for hearing development.

3. Train fine motor skills of the kid. It is proved that massaging of fingertips of hands contributes to the development of a brain. With the child who fits already well try to draw finger-type paints. It is better to begin drawing, using only one color, gradually adding their quantity. Still games with grain and small objects, for example, buttons contribute to the development of fine motor skills. Of course, it is necessary to control this process constantly and carefully that the kid swallowed nothing. To the child is more senior suggest to separate haricot from buttons or to put them in a box.

4. Turn on to the child the foreign music. Experts claim that for the best development of people since childhood has to hear several foreign languages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team