How to disaccustom the newborn to hands

How to disaccustom the newborn to hands

After the child's birth many mothers like to hold all the time it on hands. They rock to sleep him before going to bed, go with him on the apartment, carry the baby on hands during walk. But time goes, the child grows. Mom begins to realize that he managed to get used to hands. Therefore if there are no reasons any more all the time to carry the kid on hands, begin to disaccustom him to it.


1. For a start try to define whether that moment when it is worth disaccustoming the newborn to hands really came. If you understand that the child just "exploits" you, it is necessary to fight against it.

2. Do not take the kid on hands at once after he began to be capricious or cry. Try to calm hnykayushchy the baby in other ways: stroke, shake a cradle or a carriage, sing a song, regret it by a low quiet voice, show a beautiful toy, turn on a tummy. Only having tried all these options, it is possible to take the child on hands. Do it only in extreme cases when above-mentioned methods do not bring results. As soon as the newborn calms down on hands, at once put his back in a bed or a carriage.

3. Find out the reason of crying of the child. Perhaps, he got hungry, time to replace a diaper came, and can lie just inconveniently to the baby.

4. Put to the kid in a carriage some thing with your smell. Thanks to this universal "blende" the baby will constantly feel your presence and to calm down quickly. This method will help you to disaccustom the child to hands quickly.

5. You watch closely a condition of the kid when you carry it on hands and you lull. As soon as the child dozed off, at once put him in a bed. If he wakes up, having smelled rat, again take him for some time. Repeat the procedure until the kid does not fall asleep in a cradle. You will notice that each time time of such ubayukivaniye will be reduced, the baby will quicker calm down and fall asleep in a bed. Soon he will cease to ask on hands and will begin to fall asleep independently.

6. There are moments and days when the child needs that he was regretted and took on hands: during a disease when he hit, fell, teeth are cut. If you feel that you are necessary to the kid, do not refuse to him it. At such moments you should not begin to disaccustom the kid to hands. It will strike to the baby a serious psychological blow.

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