How to disguise dark circles under eyes

How to disguise dark circles under eyes

women feel discontent with the appearance because of emergence of dark circles under eyes. If circles pursue you constantly, then it is necessary to see doctor for clarification of the reason. If they appear occasionally, then it either traces of fatigue, or pigmental spots. But in both cases you can disguise shortcoming.


  1. First of all remember that it is never necessary to use foundation for masking of circles. Skin around eyes very thin and gentle. Tone cream will quickly roll up, and will emphasize wrinkles. Therefore it is necessary to use special means - concealers. To remove circles, you will need opaque concealer. Or cream proofreader in structure which reflective particles enter. They not only will take imperceptible dark detours, but also will hide small wrinkles.
  2. In order that masking was successful, it is necessary to prepare skin. At first apply the soft quickly absorbed cream under eyes. Pick up the proofreader of right color. Consider that it has to mask violet or lilac shade of skin therefore choose suitable you. Pink color, to swarty – peach will approach pale skin.
  3. Put the proofreader with small brush in the direction from eye, internal to external corner, then concealer on the same lines (it has to be two tones lighter than your powder). The combination of two of these means will take detours almost imperceptible.
  4. At end of make-up place emphasis on upper eyelid. Try to trace its contour more carefully. Thus you will visually distract attention from area under eyes. Surely use blush, they have to be peach, coral or cream shade.
  5. You can use make-up. You put it under eyes in the following order: white color, pink, yellow. Such sequence will allow you to bring closer color to natural skin color. Do not tint eyelash on lower eyelid, otherwise you mark out blue under eyes. And surely emphasize internal corner of eye with light contour.
  6. From now on arrange to the eyes not to face similar problem rest. Sleep well. And constantly you put special cream which improve blood circulation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team