How to distinguish in the indigo child

How to distinguish in the indigo child

The clairvoyant Nancey Ann Tepp claimed that in the late seventies the last century children with aura of indigo color began to be born. Not only color of their aura, but also ability and trait of character is unusual. How to recognize such child?


1. Determine level of intelligence and creative activity of the child: whether often he issues non-standard solutions of problems, nonconventionally thinks, does something not as all. Such children are capable to solve rather complex problems. And they on everything have the opinion.

2. Pay attention to what is considered to be children's imaginations. If the child shares with you surprising stories about other worlds, planets, claiming that it is not an invention, but an honest truth, the child - indigo tells about the antecedents, angels, the mysteries of the Universe, then before you most likely.

3. Analyze the child's relations with peers. As a rule, children - indigo badly meet with children of the age. Indigo are practically always asocial. They have a raised self-assessment and they do not accept any bans. Besides the child - indigo is inclined to philosophical reasonings, not peculiar to his age, and therefore it is uninteresting to children neither in kindergarten, nor at school.

4. Look narrowly at the child's relations with the nature and animals. Children-indigo often talk to trees, pets and assure that they hear them.

5. Show the child to the doctor, especially if the child is uncontrollable, is not capable to focus on any occupation, easily distracts, never finishes begun. Often - indigo make to children the diagnosis a deficiency syndrome of the attention caused by hyperactivity (ADHD) and vice versa (children with such diagnosis are called children - indigo even if they do not have any others any more characteristic of indigo lines).

6. Consult the psychologist who will carry out tests and will be able to define more precisely, than the non-standard behavior of the child is caused. Often parents indulge in wishful thinking. The expert will determine the level of intellectual development of the child whether there corresponds this level to age of the child or considerably exceeds it.

7. Address the psychic able to see aura. It is considered to be that the child has an indigo aura of deep blue-violet color, i.e. indigo color. Find out what color aura at your child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team