How to draw the children's poster

How to draw the children's poster

If you need to make the children's poster for a garden, schools or by a birthday of the child, then it can be entertaining and creative occupation not only for you, but also for your child. Wall newspapers can be on different subjects in the form of ready templates, but try to draw them.

It is required to you

  • - gouache paints;
  • - Whatman paper;
  • - pencils;
  • - pictures from the Internet.


1. Make the wall newspaper independently, and it is better - together with your kid. If you the creative person and perfectly draw, then it is possible to create the poster with appliques and various images. If you do not know as to do it, then download a suitable template on the Internet.

2. Choose a subject for the poster. Except traditional holidays the arrival of the grandmother, the beginning of winter or other significant event can be a subject. It can be just developing wall newspaper.

3. Pick up a photo and art illustrations which correspond to future poster. Ordinary cards will be suitable for holidays – get a little or find old which were received once by you.

4. Find the necessary pictures on the Internet, then unpack to use as evident material. It is possible to use photos of your kid which correspond to a subject.

5. Except images in the poster use also other components. If you draw a New Year's holiday, then dream up with the cut-out snowflakes, cotton wool and spangles. For an autumn subject use dry leaves of trees.

6. Try to make sketches of future poster. You have to plan places for drawings, the text. At first large elements, and then components are drawn that it is less. The heading has to be bright and bright, express the main subject.

7. Do not use many text elements, for the child illustrations are necessary. It can be verses, comics, jokes or jokes. Also think over where the poster will be located. If you place it very highly, then the text can be not made out. It is possible to leave the place for writing of wishes.

8. Think up interesting signatures to photos. If you want to draw the unusual poster, then write the small tale or the rhyme of your kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team