How to dress the kid on an extract

How to dress the kid on an extract

How to dress the kid on an extract depends on in what season you leave maternity hospital. Parents always want to choose beautiful and comfortable clothes for the newborn baby, but the most important that in it it was cozy and warm.


1. Still quite recently all newborns were written out in a blanket with the tied-up tape. Now everything depends on your desires and material resources.

2. That the kid did not freeze, for the children who were born late fall or in the winter prefer swaddling. For this purpose prepare two baby's undershirts - thin (print, byazevy) and dense, flannel. Surely take a disposable diaper – pampers, a cap, socks, two diapers - thin and flannel.

3. For the kids who were born late spring in the summer or use suits in the early fall. Also choose suits for newborns depending on weather. In hot months it is possible to stop on a suit from cotton, in cool days instead of outerwear use a dense suit from wool, it is possible fleece or velors. Buy clothes for children from natural fabrics.

4. Pick up outerwear, considering season. For the cold period stop on a woolen warm blanket or on an envelope with fur, do not forget a warm hat. For a blanket buy a beautiful blanket cover or a corner, they will give elegance to a set for an extract. Take a pink or blue ribbon or a special pin. For fall and spring choose between an envelope on sintepon, overalls and a blanket.

5. Prepare a clothes set for the newborn in advance, wash clothes, stroke from two parties, put in one package.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team