How to enter porridge into the menu of the kid

How to enter porridge into the menu of the kid

Porridges are entered into a diet of children after 6.5-7 months, at first nonmilk and bezglyutenovy. If your kid is more than 8 months old and he already eats bezglyutenovy porridges – came it is time to taste porridge.

Porridge in comparison with other grain contains the greatest number of vegetable fats, also grits on the second place after buckwheat on the content of iron, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is useful to children with digestion problems as it improves work of a GIT and normalizes a metabolism. Porridge literally envelops the child's stomach, facilitating digestion and promoting clarification of intestines. Also porridge contains a large amount of protein, vitamins of group B, PP and C vitamins.

As well as any new product, porridge needs to be given for the first time since morning, in the second feeding to have an opportunity during the day to watch reaction of the child. In the first day offer the kid one teaspoon of porridge before other, already familiar porridge, in the second day two, then three. From the fourth day it is possible to give already full-fledged portion or to cook multicereal porridge, having mixed grain familiar to the child.

In the first week of acquaintance to porridge it needs to be cooked on water, it is possible to add a little decanted milk for adaptation of taste. Oat flakes should be washed out, dried up and ground in the coffee grinder. For preparation of nonmilk porridge it is necessary to take two tablespoons of the ground flakes on a half-glass of water. To boil water, to pour into it porridge and to cook on small fire, without forgetting to stir slowly. It is not recommended to add salt or sugar to children's porridge.

If the child has no allergic reaction, in a week it is possible to try to cook porridge with the children's adapted mix. The adapted mix cannot be heated at all and the more so to boil therefore it is better to add it to already cooked and a little cooled porridge. On 100 ml of water and 2 tablespoons of grain put 1-1.5 measured spoons of mix. When to your kid 11-12 months are executed, the sosatelny reflex will begin to give way chewing, now it is possible to try to give porridge, without grinding flakes before cooking. Also after a year porridge can already be cooked on whole milk and to add a butter piece. Often confuses parents the inscription on packing "Is borne by gluten". Gluten is the gluten which is contained in cereal cultures. Recently more and more parents face children's intolerance of gluten for this reason parents for prevention of this problem should enter correctly gluten into a diet of the kid, since one teaspoon and to watch closely reaction of an organism.

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