How to congratulate darling on a holiday

How to congratulate darling on a holiday

How it is original and romantic to congratulate the darling? Occasions are enough: day of your first meeting, wedding anniversary, his birthday, Defender of the Fatherland Day, New Year, St. Valentine's Day, etc. In each of these days there is a wish to think up something unusual, memorable and reflecting all depth of your feelings.


1. By preparation of a gift it is not necessary to spend for it a huge number of money, it is important that it was expensive to heart, but not a purse. However nevertheless and to you it is not necessary to save on it! Also you do not stint imaginations – your creativity and an invention will help to save plenty of time and money.

2. Let its holiday will begin with the morning - since the moment when it only opened eyes. Decorate the room: if it is, for example, your anniversary, then let walls will be covered with your joint photos and garlands in the form of hearts or pigeons. Get up a little a bit earlier and make to it a light breakfast. It is not necessary to subtilize with dishes, let it will be those products which he prefers, is for breakfast every day. It is all about decoration of these dishes and laying. Let it will be sandwiches in the form of rhombuses or halves of hearts.

3. Choosing a gift, it is worth making a start from practicality of a gift, but it is not necessary to set it as the priority purpose. If your man the inveterate motorist, then it is possible to present him as a gift a charm for keys from easily soiled its car. If he smokes, then he can choose the lighter and to engrave on it the warm words clear only to you to two.

4. This day is your holiday. If you decide to spend at home, then it is worth refraining from the jammed dressing gowns or sports pants with the extended knees. Of course, it is not necessary to walk all day in an evening dress too, but convenient it is necessary to put on something lovely and.

5. It is not necessary to stretch a box with a gift at all and to ask: "Well look". Put a gift on a foreground. Or hide, for example, your surprise on a regiment with its things or put on its workplace, let he will "accidentally" come across a gift. Or organize it a small game on search of a gift: the first message with the hint let waits for it on a pillow, having come to the place, let it will find the second message, etc. To it for certain to be pleasant and remembered this game.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team