How to explain to the child what is a rainbow

How to explain to the child what is a rainbow

At preschool and early school age children go through the stage of psychological and intellectual development which is followed by great interest to knowledge of the outside world. And they seek to satisfy the curiosity in the form of questions to parents of a peace arrangement. And mother with the father have to manage to explain to the child an essence of various natural phenomena, for example, of a rainbow.

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - felt-tip pens or paints.


1. Adapt the story for age and the level of development of the child. For example, the inquisitive third-grader can be told more about the physical nature of the phenomenon at the level available to it while four-year-old will hardly apprehend this information.

2. Tell the child about the weather conditions preceding emergence of this optical effect. Explain that the rainbow appears after a rain. Address personal observations of the child, for example, ask whether he that after a rain noticed air damp. At its consent explain that it occurs because in air there are a lot of tiny water drops at this time.

3. At the next stage at an explanation resort to the drawing. Represent a water drop on which the ray of light falls on the sheet of paper and explain that light, being reflected in it, gives it one of flowers. Further draw a rainbow and tell that these multi-colored strips are a reflection of sunshine in small drops of water. Also you can add that it is impossible to touch a rainbow, it is only light.

4. Tell the child of more advanced age about different situations at which the rainbow can appear. For example, the fact that it is possible to see a rainbow at falls very often, because of the same small droplets of water which air is sated can attract its interest. Also share with it information that the rainbow can be seen even in the winter. It happens very seldom, but in hard frosts light can begin to be reflected in small crystals, groundless. And as a result the rainbow in the form of a sphere - Galo will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team