How to explain to the child what is air

How to explain to the child what is air

How to explain to the child what is air? The child does not see it, cannot touch it. But on examples it is possible to show it that air – something real, its properties it is easy to see and use.

It is required to you

  • Any can, plastic bag, cubes, sponge, glass with water, straw, tissue, brick piece, earth handful.


1. Take any empty jar. Ask whether there is something in it. Most likely the child will answer that an empty jar, in it there is nothing. Tell that he was mistaken, in it there is something, but he does not see it. And how to learn that in bank something is?

2. Take a cellophane sack, let the child will fill it with balls and small cubes. Draw the attention of the kid that if in a sack something is, then it not flat, but convex.

3. Exempt a sack from cubes. Suggest the child to twist accurately a sack, having clamped an opening. In process of twisting, the sack in the lower part finds elasticity and camber. Therefore, in it something is, and it something also is air. Tell that air is everywhere, in an empty jar, in the room, on the street. Though it is also invisible, but it is possible to find it everywhere.

4. Remind the child that all of us inhale and exhale air. Blow with it through a straw in glass with water, explain that bubbles it and are air.

5. In glass with water lower a sponge. Make sure how bubbles are plentifully allocated. Means, air is in a sponge. Do the same with a piece of a brick, an earth handful. Allow to conduct all experiments to the child most. Draw together a conclusion: air is everywhere, in the room, in a glass, in bank, in water, in a sack, in a sponge, in the earth, in a brick – air around us everywhere.

6. Still conduct an experiment. Attach to a bottom of an empty glass by means of plasticine the crumpled tissue and lower in a vessel with water an opening down. Ask the child whether paper became wet. Let the child will pull out a glass from water and will make sure that the napkin remained dry. Help to understand that air did not allow water to wet a napkin.

7. Blow together on a paper strip. Explain that air can move, move. When moving, branches of trees shake, a grass, water begins to move – waves are formed. Show drawings with the image of a windmill, the sailing vessel. Give a revolving object – a vetryachok. Show, it rotates if with it to run. Find out together that air sets a revolving object in motion. Help the child to make such revolving object most.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team