How to find the good tutor on English for the child

How to find the good tutor on English for the child

In recent years the number of the people wishing "to bring up" the child on English becomes more and more. The number of tutors grows too. Unfortunately, not all of them can brag of productive techniques. However they ask a payment for classes – and, as a rule, rather big. How to find that tutor which "will really tighten" and will teach?

Do not choose the teacher who suggests to pass the school textbook forward.

There are pupils who pass the textbook on several units (or parts) in advance. And then at lessons suffer – to them boringly. They already passed everything with the tutor. However, that teacher only used the textbook. At best – an additional grant to it. I pound not much from such classes. The child will pass the same material through few weeks with the school teacher. Whether there is a sense to give money for what will be all the same studied after a while?

Now there is a huge number of remarkable English-language textbooks (Family and Friends, Friends, Playway to English, etc.). Being engaged according to them with the tutor, the pupil will also fix the school program, and learns a lot of new besides it.

Listen to "gossip hotline".

Yes, in Network there are enough announcements where merits of teachers are colourfully painted. But try to learn at first from acquaintances – whether they have in mind teacher who "perfectly brought up Mashenka last year" or "at last forced Vitenka to get to talking".

Ask documentary confirmation of knowledge of the teacher.

There is nothing shameful in it. The person who has a diploma about the higher education (and also certificates on passing the international examinations) will show it without excess questions. Certainly, if you ask about it politely. So the risk to run into the nonprofessional decreases many times, and you save precious time and means.

Look for the teacher who adapts to the pupil.

Namely – prepares additional tasks if the child needs them. Selects subjects interesting to the pupil, audio and a video. Why the tutor which opens the textbook and does all exercises in a row? Hardly such classes will be effective for 100 percent.

Possibly, you should replace not one teacher before you find "that".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team