How to get in line in kindergarten in Kazan

How to get in line in kindergarten in Kazan

As well as in many large cities, in Kazan the number of children aged from 2 years exceeds number of available seats in kindergartens. It is worth taking care of existence of the place to parents already from the moment of the child's birth. It is possible to register in kindergarten in Kazan in two ways: to come personally to RONO or to take advantage of an electronic queue.


1. Having received the birth certificate of the child on hands, it is possible not only to get in line on the special website of the city administration, but also to choose the pleasant kindergarten. The website provides such service, moreover - informing on the status of the statement and situation in turn can be recognized by e-mail or in the form of the SMS notice on the mobile phone. For this purpose visit at the link and begin registration procedure.

2. On the Filing of application page introduce number and date of issue of the birth certificate of the child, on the following page - completely all data (full name, the registered address, a name and passport data of one of parents, the contact phone number). Further fill out data on privileges. If those are available, it is necessary to provide originals of documents in regional department of education for their confirmation.

3. Further choose several preferable preschool educational institutions (it is possible to look at the addresses on the card). It will be offered to consider offers on other kindergartens of the area, it is not necessary to neglect them. On each garden chosen by you it is possible to look at the number of persons interested to get to this preschool educational institution, for this purpose on the screen there is the corresponding button. Fill desirable date of transfer in a garden and check data on the following page.

4. Date of registration in preschool institution the date of filling of an electronic application form on the website of the portal of the public and municipal services of the Republic of Tatarstan is considered. After that all data will be checked for correctness in the database of management of civil registration of the cabinet of RT. At successful check the statement is put in turn. If the result of check is negative, the statement ""confirmation of documents"" will receive the status. In this case it will be necessary to provide personally originals of documents in RONO within 30 days from the moment of filing of application on the portal website. If privileges are specified in the statement, documents on them need also to be provided for confirmation in regional department of education.

5. In conclusion of registration the indefikator consisting of 17 figures will be appropriated to the statement. After the statement is checked, the corresponding notice will come to the mobile phone and e-mail. It is possible to check number of turn by this number or according to the birth certificate of the child. The complete set of kindergartens passes during the period from the middle of May until the end of August. Emergence of new service ""Electronic queue"" allows to save considerably time and always to be aware of advance of turn.

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