How to get rid of an itch during pregnancy

How to get rid of an itch during pregnancy

During pregnancy in an organism of the woman the hormonal background changes. Thereof there is an easing of immunity and change of vaginal flora. Increase in level of estrogen influences many bodies, including biliary tract. The itch on skin and in genitals can result from these changes.


1. The cause of a skin itch is considered holestaz pregnant women. Increase in level of bilious acids and aminostransferaz leads to irritation of receptors of skin. As a rule, at the same time small deviations in results of functional tests of a liver are observed. In some cases the itch is followed by jaundice. For reduction of stagnation of bile reconstruct the food allowance, eat food fractionally and small portions, 5-6 times a day. Exclude fried and sharp products.

2. For fight with holestazy take the bile-expelling drugs resolved during pregnancy. Address in the doctor, he will recommend the most effective and safe remedies. Begin to accept activated carbon, it adsorbs bilious acids.

3. Several times a day take a shower, water washes away residues of bilious acids which are allocated for the surface of skin. After a shower be not wiped, at first oil skin a neutral milk or baby. Well moisturized skin is a prevention of extensions, one more of the reasons of appearance of an itch of skin at pregnancy.

4. The itch can develop as a result of allergic reactions to food. During pregnancy at many women flavoring addictions change. As a result of the use of any exotic products not characteristic of a habitual diet, there can be an allergy. In this case exclude them from a diet and see a doctor, he will appoint the antihistaminic medicines safe for the child.

5. Quite often during pregnancy there is an itch in a vagina. Change of level of hormones sposobstut to reorganization of vaginal microflora, reproduction of opportunistic microorganisms becomes result. The most frequent pathology — candidiasis which is followed by an itch, burning and allocations of curdled character. Hand over dab from a vagina, depending on the reasons (candidiasis, a bacterial vaginosis etc.) the doctor will appoint treatment. Include in a diet fermented milk products — kefir, curdled milk, Narine. To contain in them useful bacteria which will help to restore vagina microflora.

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