How to give a smekta to babies

How to give a smekta to babies

The first days of life of babies quite often are followed by diarrhea, gripes, the vomiting and other symptomatology connected with disorders of digestion. It is connected with the fact that just during this period there is a formation and formation of children's digestive system. On sale there is a considerable amount of the medicines capable to help parents to fix the problem which arose at the baby. One of them is Smekta - medicine to most of which of pediatricians give the preference.

It is required to you

  • - Smekta
  • - water
  • - small bottle


1. Smekta representing powder for preparation of an emulsion has simple structure: diosmektit, saccharin, monohydrate of cellulose and additive which impact to medicine an orange/vanilla relish. Is the cornerstone of medicine diosmektit, representing natural silica-alumina porous clay. The active agents which are its part work selectively, without interacting with useful environments of intestines and vitamins; "attract" and connects pathogenic microorganisms and gases, deleting them from an organism; neutralizes surplus of digestive acids; do not react with other medicines, but perceives them as alien elements of an organism, reducing their efficiency.

2. Parents are interested in safety of use of Smekta by babies. This medicine is safe even for the smallest as the components making it are brought out of a children's organism in the natural way with stool, without being absorbed at the same time in blood and without having negative impact on internals and fabrics. Besides, safety of medicine is connected with the fact that it is the "clever" absorbent bringing exclusively hazardous substances out of an organism without bringing a loss to the vitamins useful to bacteria and microorganisms of intestines.

3. Smekta is appointed at the following problems at the newborn: sharp and chronic diarrhea, intestines swelling, inflammation in digestive tract, an ulcer of a duodenum and intestines, a loose stool, frequent vomiting, dysbacteriosis, gripes and pain in an abdominal cavity, the increased gas generation, gastritis, nausea, vomiting. Besides, medicine is effective in cases with food and medicinal poisonings, a rotavirus infection, heartburn, a syndrome of the angry intestines.

4. Smekta should not be accepted at individual intolerance of an organism of the kid of active medicinal components, impassability of intestines. As a part of medicine glucose enters therefore it is contraindicated to babies with a fruktozemiya.

5. Medicine is produced in the form of powder in bags. To children of chest age one bag a day, as a rule, is appointed. Medicine gets divorced in 50 ml of warm boiled water, breast milk or dairy mix in case the kid stays on artificial feeding. The turned-out mix joins a bottle and is given to the child several times in day. Before the use the small bottle with medicine needs to be stirred up that there was no deposit. Children are more senior than 1 year can use Smekta divorced fruit or vegetable puree, soup and other liquid food. Medicine possesses a pleasant smell and has no bitter taste therefore children are not capricious at the use of the prepared mix.

6. If the kid has a serious condition connected with ongoing vomiting and a diarrhea, the daily dose of medicine can be increased by the doctor up to 2 bags a day. It is necessary to refrain from independent change of a dosage as it can do harm to the child. The course of treatment Smekta averages 3 days.

7. The first months of life of children quite often is followed by frequent ponosa. There is a lot of factors leading to it. It can be connected with difficult process of formation of microflora of digestive tract of the kid in the first days of his life therefore the frequent loose stool can be observed even at healthy children. Besides, eruption of milk teeth, convertion of the kid on artificial feeding, introduction of a feeding up, assumption of mistakes during the choosing, preparation and storage of food can become the predecessor of a diarrhea. Not high-quality processing of pacifiers, small bottles, the child's toys can become the cause of diarrhea also. After Smekta's reception there is an absorption and removal of pathogenic microorganisms from digestive tract of the kid. Medicine envelops mucous membranes, providing additional protection, helps to restore balance of intestinal microflora.

8. At diathesis allergic reactions and rashes on the child's skin are observed. The illness can affect mucous membranes of intestines and lead to violation natural microflorae, having become the cause of dysbacteriosis. Smekta promotes adjustment of a normal chair and recovery of necessary quantity of useful bacteria in the child's organism.

9. Side effects at Smekta's reception are practically not observed. In isolated cases there can be a temperature increase and allergic reactions. In case of non-compliance with the dosages appointed by the doctor or independent increase in a dose, the child can have locks. Emergence of side effects, and also long absence of result of treatment, has to be followed by the termination of intake of medicine and consultation of the pediatrician.

10. Thanks to Smekta's reception, it is possible to solve many problems with digestive tract of the child, since first days of his life. Thanks to safety and the affordable price, this medicine is in great demand at pediatricians and parents. The main thing at the same time is to follow strictly instructions of the expert and not to self-medicate at all.

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