How to give juice to the kid

How to give juice to the kid

Juice - useful and nutritious drink for the kid in the first years of his life. It is rich with a number of vitamins and minerals which are very important for a children's organism. However, when feeding the child juice it is necessary to follow certain rules.


1. Fruit and vegetable juice is very useful to kids. During feeding by a breast, especially, be three months pregnant, vitamins B milk of mother are not enough. Therefore pediatricians advise to add juice to the child's diet. Do it correctly and very accurately as at irrational feeding there can be problems with digestion.

2. In the first three months use juice of fruit only separately. Further it is possible to switch to mixes of juice, for example, banana and apple or carrot and pumpkin. The last drink contains the A and C vitamins useful to a children's organism. Grape juice which well influences blood formation and lifts a tone is also very useful.

3. In order to avoid disorder of digestion it is necessary to give juice to the child in certain time. It is not necessary to give to drink to the child juice during feeding by a breast or after that. Usually juice is given for half an hour-hour to food. Besides, it is necessary to consider the total volume of the juice consumed by the child in a day. In the first four months of life give it three-four teaspoons of juice a day. On the fifth month their quantity can be increased to five-six. In six months it is possible to give to the child during the day 30 - 50 milliliters of juice.

4. The one-year-old kid can give juice together with cookies. Corn, cereals and bread are well acquired together not only with juice, but also with compote. Also in all cases take into account not only useful, but also tastes of juice. Please the child with those more often from them which are pleasant to him more.

5. If your child has an allergy, do not give him fruit juice to six-month age. Then begin with light juice (apple, pear, grape) as in them allergens a little. Avoid juice of exotic fruit. If you noticed manifestation of an allergy to strictly certain type of juice at the child, completely exclude it.

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