How to give to the child cow's milk

How to give to the child cow's milk

Cow's milk is an important source of protein and fats, vitamins and minerals. That this product brought benefit to the child's organism, it is important to follow rules and terms of introduction of milk to a diet of the kid.


1. If your kid is on chest feeding, then there is no need for introduction of cow's milk about one year. The fermental system of kids is not perfect yet, and early introduction of milk to a diet can lead to undesirable consequences, such as allergy, iron deficiency anemia, load of kidneys.

2. At the age of 7 months in a feeding up of the kid, cottage cheese can appear. About one year its daily dose should not exceed 50 grams. If cottage cheese too dense, you can dilute it with warm boiled milk. For an afternoon snack the kid can offer the children's cookies soaked in milk.

3. At the age of 10 - 12 months you cook porridges on milk with water or you part ready children's porridges with the milk diluted with water. Milk can be added to potato, vegetable purees, desserts.

4. At the age of 12 - 18 months kids have to receive fermented milk products, such as kefir or yogurt, cottage cheese. It is still best of all to milk as additive to puree or porridge.

5. With one and a half - two years the child can drink up to 200 grams of milk a day, without fermented milk products which have to be present at a diet of the kid daily. It is necessary to adhere to this norm up to 3 years.

6. Milk is the most real food. They should not satisfy thirst. Do not allow the child to drink milk right after food as it reduces effect of gastric juice. Offer it to the kid on an empty stomach, room temperature or slightly warmed up.

7. Up to 3 years let's drink to the child special children's milk. It undergoes strict quality control, is produced in eco-friendly raw zones, processed on technology of ultrapasteurization which allows to destroy dangerous pathogenic microflora and to keep all useful substances and minerals. Children's milk is often in addition enriched to vitamins.

8. At introduction of cow's milk to a diet of the child you watch closely reaction of an organism. At manifestation of intolerance of milk this product should be excluded for a while from the child's diet.

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