How to go on a maternity leave

How to go on a maternity leave

Each woman who expects a baby is granted the paid maternity leave. The number of days of a holiday depends on that what pregnancy the woman – one-fetal or polycarpous and from course of childbirth bears. If the childbirth complicated, then 16 days are added in addition. At the end of pregnancy it becomes more difficult to go, the woman quickly gets tired, and it is heavy to work with it.


1. At one-fetal pregnancy 70 days before childbirth and after the delivery are provided 70 days. And they are paid completely irrespective of the kid sooner or later of the specified term will be born. At incubation of polycarpous pregnancy to the woman pay 86 days before childbirth and 110 days after the delivery. At the complicated childbirth of 16 days pay separately.

2. The maternity leave is paid proceeding from daily average average earnings in 24 months. The maximum sum for calculation can be 930 thousand divided into 730, minimum cannot be calculated less than daily average earnings of the minimum wage. The sums received on social benefits for the settlement period for calculation of a decretive grant are not included into the total amount of earnings.

3. If it is heavy to woman to work, then she can issue another holiday before a maternity leave. Before leaving for long term it is necessary to hand over all affairs, to relieve liability from itself, to make the full report for the work before the management and to quietly go to have a rest and expect the child.

4. When the woman thinks that it is easy for her and she will not go on a maternity leave, by her all all the same will pay the put days of a maternity leave. But the woman needs to think of what was put by her has to all the same manage to hand over, relieve liability from herself and to make the report before the management. Working till last days of childbirth it is possible and not to manage to submit all the cases and responsibility. Besides the maternity leave before childbirth is given not just like that and in order that the woman managed to have a rest and gain strength which will be required during the birth of the kid. That the person was born it is necessary to work very. Also it is absolutely inexpedient to work before childbirth – it can do much harm to health of the woman and health of the kid.

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