Why at pregnancy it is impossible to eat parsley

Why at pregnancy it is impossible to eat parsley

During pregnancy there is a full reorganization of an organism and to keep health, future mom should watch closely a food allowance. Some darlings products and seasonings can appear earlier under a ban in view of their potential negative impact on the course of pregnancy and development of a fruit. For example, doctors did not come to a consensus yet concerning whether it is possible for pregnant women is parsley.

Parsley, thanks to the useful properties, received a constant registration in a diet of many families long ago. However these tasty and useful greens have a number of the properties making impossible its use during pregnancy. Fears of future mothers who excluded parsley from the diet are how proved?

What consumption of parsley threatens with

There is an opinion that parsley is harmful to pregnant women. These fresh greens contain substance miristitsin, causing spasms of muscles and a hallucination. Parsley as a strong muscular stimulator can bring a uterus into a tone and cause an abortion. In old times of the healer, the parsley informed on these properties, actively used it for termination of pregnancy. Used in large numbers, parsley is capable even to provoke premature birth, especially possibly such succession of events at women is more senior than 40 years.

Miristitsin in parsley having strong hallucinogenic properties can theoretically cause dizziness and loss of balance. However that there came such adverse effects, the woman needs to use at least a parsley bunch, but several chopped branches which strewed salad, will not do harm.

Parsley, even in insignificant quantities, is contraindicated to the pregnant women having diseases of a bladder and kidneys as it possesses to urine - and bile-expelling properties and increases load of these bodies. Besides, the pregnant women suffering from the lowered arterial blood pressure cannot use a large number of parsley.

Positive properties of parsley

Some doctors recommend to pregnant women is parsley in small amounts. It contains the antioxidants protecting from a lyuteolin – the free radical unsafe for immunity of the woman bearing the child. Enough antioxidants in total with vitamin C with which parsley is very rich will save from infections and an oxidizing stress. For this reason future mothers who often are ill need to use to a thicket these tasty and fragrant greens. Parsley is a fine source of the iron interfering development of anemia in pregnant women. Besides, in it there is a lot of calcium and vitamin K necessary at formation of bones of a fruit. Parsley and the folic acid irreplaceable for the correct formation of nervous system of the kid and also the magnesium and mineral salts which are responsible for development of a germ is rich. In small amounts parsley is very useful to future mothers. By the way, if the pregnant woman is disturbed by joint pains, hypostases of extremities, digestion violation, an abdominal distension and gases, fresh parsley or broth will help to cope with these problems.

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