How to grow up the personality

How to grow up the personality

Each person is born with a certain potential, qualities and abilities put by the nature or genetics. The main task of parents is in due time to reveal this potential and to contribute to its further development. How to make it?


1. Always do to NablyudenieDeti to what pulls them. Watch behavior of the child, his desires and aspirations. Try not to limit it in games and not to insist that it seems to you more appropriate or useful to it. Give to the child an opportunity most to define, he wants to practise music, drawing or sport.

2. You PodderzhkaOtnositsya with understanding to the choice of a hobby or hobby of the child even if they not really are pleasant to you. Support him if prospects are outlined, or desire of the kid to be engaged becomes stronger stronger. Otherwise try to dissuade gradually the child from this hobby, offer alternatives, but you remember: the decision has to remain behind it.

3. UchastieVospitanie of the child as the strong and self-assured personality will be not effective if parents do not participate in private life of the kid. Attend its trainings and classes, support him at competitions and competitions, sort why he won or lost, help to make decisions, but do not do it for him. The child has to learn to analyze various situations and to find the correct way out of them, and with it he will be helped by participation of parents, your explanations, the help, councils.

4. KachestvaRebenok will become a personality if parents cultivate in him the corresponding qualities. Bring up the kid independent and responsible. If he wants to visit sports section, then itself has to watch purity of the form, accurately put and move away her. As soon as the child learns to live by the principle "if I something want, so I can do it", he will become independent and purposeful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team