How to understand that you are pregnant

How to understand that you are pregnant

Pregnancy is an important point in life of any woman. How to learn when it came. Of course, there is a set of various tests to learn it. But also the organism can let know that there occurred pregnancy. There are certain signs by which it is possible to recognize that you will become a mom soon.

Unfortunately, pregnancy cannot be defined right after conception. Therefore before the test yields positive result (as a rule, not earlier than seven days from the moment of estimated day of conception), it is necessary to count only on signals of own organism. It is important to remember that all women are in own way individual and symptoms of pregnancy at all are shown differently. Gynecologists allocate the general symptoms for each woman which can be prerequisites of the developing pregnancy.

Symptoms of early pregnancy

  • Termination of periods
  • The increased basal  body temperature
  • Frequent indispositions
  • Drowsiness
  • Feeling of slight pain  in a breast
  • The speeded-up urination
  • The increased irritability

If there is at least one of these symptoms, everyone or all in total, it is possible to assume pregnancy approach. To exclude or confirm its existence, it is necessary to conduct independently the test for pregnancy (it can be got in any modern pharmacy) and it is obligatory to visit the gynecologist. Several types of inspection will suggest to take place in clinic for women to you.

Inspections for pregnancy definition

  • Medical examination
  • Blood test (on HGCh — a horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person, reliability of definition of pregnancy more than 98%)
  • Analysis of urine

Further by results of the analysis the doctor will draw a conclusion on your state and if pregnancy nevertheless is confirmed, it will be offered to you to create the medical record and to be observed in clinic for women throughout the entire period of pregnancy, and these are on average 40 weeks.

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