How to have a rest from children

How to have a rest from children

Parents very much love the children, care for them, pay attention. However even the most faultless people sometimes are tired of the offsprings, especially if the family lives in the small house or the apartment where even it is impossible to retire: all each other is in the public eye. It also tires, and, we will tell frankly, irritates. Therefore it is necessary to have a rest from each other.


1. The ideal option – if children can be sent for the summer to the senior generation (grandmothers and grandfathers). It has a number of advantages: first, children under reliable supervision, secondly, it will not be necessary to worry whether well they are fed. It is necessary to worry rather, the grandmother kind of loving did not overfeed grandchildren. If grandmothers and grandfathers live in the village on the river bank or in the town on the seashore, it will be still very useful for children's health: will breathe fresh clean air, will swim for a while and will sunbathe. But not all families have such opportunity.

2. In former times there was a wide network of summer camps where the great number of children had a rest. Now summer camps much less, but if desired there too it is possible to send children. It is only necessary to choose the most suitable camp on all indicators. In advance inquire, ask parents whose children had a rest there: in what conditions they had to live whether well fed what classes, the entertainment program, etc. were.

3. If your children are fond of backpackings, to you, as they say, and cards in hands here. Try to find them the group going along the most optimum route. Pay special attention to that in it there was a skilled and authoritative head who feels the responsibility and is capable to maintain due discipline.

4. At last, it is not obligatory at all that children left from you: you can leave somewhere. Buy, for example, the last-minute vacation package to a foreign tour. Or go to holiday house. Only in advance agree with someone from relatives that looked after your offsprings for the period of absence. And if children already at teenage age, then they only are delighted to prospect to do without guardianship of adults at least for only several days. There is nothing terrible in it, they should be accustomed to independence too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team