How to help the child to get used to kindergarten

How to help the child to get used to kindergarten

Time flies quickly: still quite recently your kid took the first steps, and today it is already time to take away him in a garden. Whether there it will be comfortable and interesting to it, in many respects depends on parents whose main objective is to help the child to get used to kindergarten.


1. Begin preparation for kindergarten in advance, the earlier – the better. The positive psychological spirit is very important: during walks draw the attention of the kid to the children playing in playgrounds of a garden, tell about how there it is interesting and cheerful. If there is an opportunity, let's the child play with kindergarten kids. Get acquainted with your future tutor at this time and try to find with him a common language – the comfort of your child in preschool institution will depend on this person in many respects.

2. Prepare the child and physically. He has to be able to use a pot, a spoon, to undress and put on independently. Accustom the child to a day regimen. It will be very good if you are engaged also in strengthening of immunity of the kid – in children's collective they begin to be ill more often than houses. For this purpose walk in the fresh air more, whenever possible – you take the child at the sea.

3. Arrange the first visit to a garden as a small holiday. Put on a festive attire, take favourite toys. Let the child himself will choose that from things and clothes to him to take - it will be pleasant to it to realize himself adult and independent.

4. In advance agree with the tutor that she will not allow you to say goodbye long, and will carry away the child in group at once – to meet children, to watch toys, to help to prepare for a breakfast, etc. If you avoid a fright and tears in the first day – the following will pass much easier.

5. Tell the tutor about the child's habits, about what he loves and does not love. This information will help the preschool teacher to find individual approach to your kid.

6. Be not late at the right time when the child needs to be taken away from a garden. In the first days he will spend in children's collective 1-2 hours, later when he gets used, to remain for the whole day. Surely you praise the child for good behavior, you say how you are proud that he is absolutely big and independent.

7. Think out new important issues which need to be made in a garden if the child is capricious and refuses to go. Most likely, you will be asked to bring soap, napkins, toilet paper. Every day give to the child one subject and charge to transfer him to the tutor, focusing attention of the kid that this very important task.

8. Support houses the quiet and safe atmosphere. During accustoming of the child to kindergarten try to spare as much as possible his nervous system, you watch TV less often, more often together play and read books.

9. Know that successful adaptation to a garden does not mean at all that the child with pleasure will go there. He has the right to be sad when parting with you and not too to love kindergarten. But if the child understands need of visit of a garden, it is considered adapted. If tears and hysterics proceed too long, consider option of finding of the child of the house a year more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team