How to help the child to overcome fear at the sight of the doctor

How to help the child to overcome fear at the sight of the doctor

Many parents face a problem that their child is afraid of people in white dressing gowns. Well and , of course, to help the child to overcome and overcome with itself fear at the sight of the doctor only parents will be able. 

Kind doctor Aybolit

It is important that the baby felt trust to the attending physician, and it in many respects depends on behavior of the doctor whether he is ready to talk to the child in a pleasant manner (even the loud voice can frighten the kid), whether will manage to perform inspection in playful way to do vaccination. Whenever possible choose the attentive and sensitive doctor.

We keep calm

The child always feels all nuances of mood of mom. Therefore irritability, nervousness, fear of parents are at once transferred to the child: he feels weak and defenseless. Show to the child that the visit to the doctor is a normal and ordinary situation as, for example, a visit of shop. On the way to policlinic conduct  lively conversation with the child, study rhymes, ask riddles, sing songs and so on.

I will lead you to the doctor

You should not do to the child "surprise" — to the last to keep in secret a campaign to the doctor. If the kid learns about him already before policlinic, he can regard your silence as a disturbing signal: time you hid from it the truth, so it is expected by something awful. Better in advance explain where and why you go.

Let's play "bolnichka"

To remove  a dramatic nature raid from a situation and to psychologically prepare the kid, you can show all forthcoming actions of the doctor on a doll, elder sister or dad. For this purpose it is useful to buy the kid the toy set of the doctor consisting of a phonendoscope, the syringe, the pipette and the thermometer. Regular games in "doctor" will allow the kid to overcome fear of visit of the pediatrician.

With kindness and care

If the child admits that to it it is terrible, it is not necessary to call him "little coward" (even for fun) and to urge "to be brave". Calm him better, having explained that nothing terrible will occur. And after a shock, a prick or massage, embrace and kiss the kid — all troubles will be forgotten at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team