How to help to endure a divorce

How to help to endure a divorce

Divorce – hard test even when spouses leave quietly, without mutual recriminations and claims. What to tell about cases when it is followed by scandals, lawsuits! How to the woman to help to endure a divorce?


1. Because of the bigger emotionality take the woman's divorce most hard. Quite often ex-wives I cannot long calm down, torment themselves with doubts whether was in the incident of their fault. They can lose faith in the female appeal, having decided that to them never personal happiness any more to see.

2. Girlfriends and relatives should not follow the tastes of emotions of the ex-wife. Of course, in the beginning it is possible both to sympathize and to regret. But everything is good moderately! If it long proceeds, the divorced woman quite can believe that she is an unfortunate sufferer and the loser, and to a depression one step from here.

3. Instead it is necessary to inspire in every possible way in the woman that nothing terrible happened. The divorce is not death and not a serious illness. There passed times when looked at the divorced woman disapprovingly, that she could not keep family. A divorce it is necessary to treat, as very unpleasant incident which already happened. Experiences you will not help business, it is necessary to live further.

4. It is necessary to distract in every possible way divorced woman from excessive self-criticism, from constant doubts whether she was guilty of the incident. Yes, almost for certain divorced there was also its share of fault. But torments will correct nothing any more. Advise it not to torment itself, and to draw everything necessary conclusions to avoid so sad situation in the future if she marries again.

5. If the divorce happened because of unworthy behavior of the former spouse (immoral way of life, abuse of alcohol, manhandling, etc.), especially it is necessary to inspire in the woman that she is not guilty of anything. It is not necessary to pay attention to silly prejudices like "better the bad husband, than any!" or "the husband will not beat the good wife". It is nonsense.

6. It is very useful to carry away something it, to help to get positive emotions where it is only possible. For this purpose everything will approach literally: visits of theaters, the museums, on exhibitions and concerts, a sit-round gathering with girlfriends in bar, cafe. Excellent means – shopping, it with guarantee will distract the woman from heavy thoughts. It is possible to advise her to change image, for example, to pick up a new hairstyle, to update clothes.

7. At last, put some idea to the woman that it is necessary to create the noncommittal novel. Irrespective of whether it will pass into the long-term serious relations, or not, it will raise its self-assessment, again will inspire in it belief in the appeal, a charm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team