How to increase progress of the child

How to increase progress of the child

Many parents are strongly disturbed by school progress of children. In a pursuit of good marks it is possible to forget that they at all not an indicator of education. They estimate not knowledge, but only set of factors which the pupil faced. Therefore, the treasured five should not become for the sake of what really it is worth studying.


1. Find the reason of failures. Does not happen so that the child studies badly absolutely in all objects. Even if drawing or physical education are pleasant to him. Reveal those objects in which there are problems. Attentively look what subjects cause difficulties. For example, there are problems with a punctuation, but it is more and more less good with spelling. Or writing of the English words good, and their child cannot remember. Such detailed analysis will help to understand what specifically it is necessary to work strongly on and to exclude problems of psychological character.

2. Talk to the teacher. Maybe the reason of failures of the child is in the personal relations with the teacher. In this case tactfully tell the teacher about the child's problems. In common you have to find a way out from developed situations. Maybe the child did not improve the relation with schoolmates, and all lessons for it turn into torture. Or it is not really active at a lesson because of the shyness and business not in knowledge here. Just the pupil should be assured of own forces and to help it to be liberated.

3. Do not turn doing homework into torture or a fault. You have to help the child to make up for lost time, but not to inspire in him sense of guilt because it did not equal your hopes. Remind him of last achievements, encourage that at it everything will turn out and you love his any, but not successful and with good marks.

4. If you cannot help the child in certain objects independently, invite the tutor. Often with strangers children are liberated and think more freely. And the person to whom pay for his work money will not afford loose behavior and the put hour will study lessons.

5. Do not focus attention of the child that it has problems. He should not become isolated in infinite cramming of a subject – nobody cancelled the childhood. And the atmosphere in family very strongly affects progress of the child. You do not reduce all talk only for study.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team