How to issue a crib

Before appearance of the kid on light there was not enough time, and you with pleasure prepare for it all necessary. Among everything given for the baby one of the main places the crib borrows. Try to issue it so that to make stay of the baby in it comfortable and safe.

It is required to you

  • - crib;
  • - convenient location of arrangement;
  • - orthopedic mattress;
  • - canopy;
  • - protective sides;
  • - bed linen;
  • - children's blanket;
  • - musical mobile;
  • - toy on a clothespeg;
  • - suspended toys rattles.
  • -


1. Give preference to a bed from natural materials, it is the best of all from a tree (a pine, a birch, an oak). Reechki beds have to be located at such distance from each other that in them the handle and the child's head could not get stuck. It is the best of all if boards of a bed have the adjustable height which you will be able to change with growing of the kid.

2. Choose the suitable place for a crib. It has to be light, warm. The bed should not be located about the battery, a window and an entrance door. If you decided to put a crib in the bedroom, arrange it about your bed, so you will be able easily to watch the kid and to rise to him as necessary.

3. For a crib choose an orthopedic convenient mattress. It has to hold well a form and not cave in under the kid. This necessary condition for the correct formation of a skeleton. Lay a mattress an oilcloth or dress a special waterproof mattress cover, in order to avoid soaking.

4. For a children's bed there is a special canopy. It is executed from a grid or light fabric. Except esthetic effect of a cosiness, the canopy can protect the baby from mosquitoes or air flow from a window leaf. Only do not forget to erase regularly it as the canopy collects on itself all dust.

5. Close bed walls soft protective sides that the child accidentally did not hit. Give preference to pastel tones with the simple drawing. You should not choose too bright sides, they strain sight and affect nervous system.

6. Lay a mattress the ironed bed-sheet. It is good if it is with elastics at edges. Do not enclose a pillow for kids about one year. Instead of a pillow it is possible to put a soft diaper. The blanket for the kid has to be easy and small. If in the room warmly, it is possible to manage a diaper or a soft big light towel. At a cool temperature the kid will suit a flannelette or easy sinteponovy blanket.

7. Over a bed of the kid place the musical mobile. The toys which are smoothly moving to the sound of music will calm the kid or will help it to distract if you leave the room. On a side of a bed hook a toy on a clothespeg. During wakefulness the kid will be able to consider it and to try will reach it. To stimulate development of movements of the child, attach suspended toys rattles before the kid. They have to settle down so that the kid if desired could reach them hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team