How to issue the site in kindergarten

How to issue the site in kindergarten

Very often parents should help personnel of kindergarten with improvement of the territory. There is nothing shameful in it, it becomes for the sake of own beloved sons and daughters. Especially as it is possible to issue the site in kindergarten independently, by means of make-shifts.


1. That the territory of kindergarten took a festive form, break several beds on the site. They can be sowed in the flowers which are not demanding a special care - a marigold, velvet ribbons, pansies. It is possible to plant seeds together with children. Having felt responsibility for green boring, kids with pleasure will water flowers and to weed them from weeds.

2. If in the territory of kindergarten still there are no trees - they need to be put. It is also possible to improve the site bushes, having planted them along paths. It is better to use grades without prickles, for example, a broom. Practically all its grades are frost-resistant and very beautifully blossom.

3. Surely build a sandbox for children. Only it is also necessary that to hammer together four plates and to bring sand. And how many joy to children molding of a Kulichiki and construction of sand castles will give!

4. That games of children were more various, it is possible to draw with paint on classics asphalt. Do squares with figures not really big that even the youngest groups could participate in entertainments.

5. The blank wall of kindergarten can be turned into darts. Of course, children not darts, but a ball will play. Therefore, it is necessary to take detours big. Draw them with different paints, having written quantity of points in a circle. If kids are not able to consider yet, they will be helped with it by tutors.

6. It is possible to issue the kindergarten territory, having lodged fantastic beings there. If there are means, it is possible to buy ready figures of gnomes, forest and pets. They are made for improvement of dachas.

7. If there is no spare cash, find handymen - cabinetmakers among fathers. Let they will make of small brevnyshka of preparation for figures. Mothers with children will need to give them the finished look, having drawn with paint of a muzzle and clothes.

8. Get plastic containers of the big sizes. They cost absolutely not much, but there it is very convenient to store toys. Containers can be placed near a sandbox to put there buckets, sovochka, molds. Then teachers should not take out constantly toys to the yard, they will always be near the playground.

9. The main condition at registration of the site in kindergarten - safety of kids. Making objects for the playground, do not leave acute angles. Use eco-friendly safe materials. Do not do too high ladders. Try to create such yard to which you without fear would release own child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team