How to keep teeth during pregnancy

How to keep teeth during pregnancy

For a long time it is known that in time pregnancy, alas, not to avoid problems with teeth. Destruction of enamel during incubation of the kid this normal phenomenon. At the correct mouth care during this period and correct food you keep the teeth safe and sound.


1. KaltsiyDlya of prevention of loss and destruction of teeth it is very important to eat properly during pregnancy. Long ago is not a secret that the correct development of skeletal system of the baby demands a lot of calcium. If the necessary vitamin B enough does not come to an organism with food, then the shortage of calcium will be compensated from an organism of future mom. First of all the mouth suffers. The pregnant woman needs to watch that at a diet there were products enriched with calcium. These are dairy products, cheeses, potatoes, bread and many others.

2. Fluorine and will help to fosforsokhranit teeth during pregnancy also the products enriched with fluorine and phosphorus. In order that your teeth received enough fluorine, buy toothpaste with its contents and you brush teeth two or more times a day. And for completion of deficiency of phosphorus use cheese, cottage cheese, meat a product, bean, oat and buckwheat.

3. Destruction of teeth - others prichinynedostatochny functioning of teeth is the important factor influencing their destruction too. You will be able to keep teeth during pregnancy if you periodically eat crude fruit and vegetables, croutons and other firm products. You will provide necessary loading for your teeth, and they long time will remain whole.

4. Regular the ochishcheniyeposla of each consumption of food to future mom should try to clean a mouth. It is clear, that it not always manages to be made. Sometimes it is possible just to rinse a mouth purified water or special tooth solution. The eaten green apple will perfectly clean teeth and a mouth.

5. Prevention Future mom needs especially carefully to watch over health of teeth. To be examined regularly by the stomatologist and at the slightest signs of destruction of tooth enamel to see a doctor. Dental care for pregnant women and a fruit absolutely safely. To the contrary, processes of rotting in a mouth of mom damage health of future kid. And the earlier you see a doctor, the will longer serve to you your teeth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team