How to knit by a hook a children's hat

How to knit by a hook a children's hat

By means of a hook and yarn it is possible to knit the mass of various models of clothes, headdresses, accessories, jewelry and even elements of a house interior. Having mastered crochet, you easily will be able independently to connect a headdress for the child for the winter. The children's hat knit by your hands will remind the child of your love and will warm him in any weather.


1. You will need 170 g of wool yarn and a hook of the corresponding size. The hat matches use of a fragment of a relief pattern. The first row of a relief pattern begins so: connect a chain of air loops and miss three air loops, having connected further two columns with nakidy on two subsequent loops.

2. Then make nakid and enter a hook back under a loop of the main chain in which the first column is knit. Extend a long loop, again make nakid and enter a hook under the same loop. Extend one more long loop. Thus, on a hook five loops are formed.

3. Make nakid, enter a hook under the following loop of the basis, again make nakid and stretch thread through two loops. Repeat nakid and stretch thread through all six loops on a hook. Thus, you connected a hillock on a leg.

4. Now connect on the following two loops two columns with nakidy then knit the same hillock on a leg which was in detail described above. Knit so a number, and at the end of a row connect on an extreme loop a column with nakidy, and then connect three air loops.

5. Begin the second row of a relief pattern, having passed one column of the previous row. Then connect two columns with nakidy and one hillock with a semi-column. At the end of a row connect a column with nakidy on an extreme loop and three air loops for edge.

6. Begin knitting directly the hat, since a top. Connect six air loops and connect them in a ring. Continue to knit on a spiral around a ring – connect twelve columns without nakid, connect them a connecting column and you provyyazhit two air loops.

7. Turn knitting and begin the second row – connect one column with nakidy and one hillock from two loops and two nakid over each column without nakid of the previous row. At you twelve hillocks alternating one column with nakidy have to turn out.

8. Then connect two air loops to finish a row. Turn knitting. Continue to knit ranks of a hat an openwork pattern, and for finishing of a hat connect three rows of columns without nakid. Connect a back part of a hat slightly more long than a lobby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team