How to learn about violence over the child

How to learn about violence over the child

Unfortunately, violence over the child in family — the widespread phenomenon. Associations with children from unsuccessful population groups not always pay off: more often the similar problem is shown also in "normal" families.


1. Pay attention to behavior of the child — whether there were no changes in his character. Perhaps, the isolation and alienation instead of former sociability and friendliness appeared. Look how it interacts with peers — whether there is no excessive aggression in his behavior or, on the contrary, cowardice.

2. Apply the testing receptions on identification of wellbeing in family. It is possible to give a task to all participants of group or individually to ask to draw family. Attentively study works of pupils. If in the drawing only one parent is represented or at all there is no mom and fathers, there is an occasion to think. Also drawings in which mom or dad are shaded in dark color have to cause caution or are located in a leaf corner, have the huge sizes, etc.

3. Talk to the child. Try not directly, and indirectly to learn about a situation in family. It is possible to ask: "As whom does your mom work?" and "When she will have birthday what you will present?", etc. Similar questions can be asked also about dad. Already on what tone the child will tell about parents, it is possible to reveal his relation.

4. If you see bruises on the child's body, do not remain indifferent — be actively interested from where they undertook. If the child tries to lie, you will feel it. Do not abuse for what tells a lie — perhaps, he has no other exit.

5. Visit family of the child if you suspect that violence is applied to him. Do not report to parents about the visit purpose. It is possible to tell that you bypass all families of pupils on the instructions of the management of school, etc. Try to learn about the relations between family members gradually. Pay attention to in what conditions the family what moral values prevail lives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team