How to learn, who will be born the first

How to learn, who will be born the first

Future mom wants to learn quicker who will be born the first: girl or boy. Not all methods on sex determination of future child show the truth. In principle, all of them are approximate. It is possible to make the blood test test, to conduct ultrasonography or to use national signs.


1. Use the safest and reliable method - it is ultrasonography. But to know the result, it is necessary to wait nearly 2 months. Therefore such option suits not many. Ask the gynecologist to give in clinic for women to you the direction on this inspection. You can use services of private clinic. But not all specialists in ultrasonography have sufficient knowledge of a fruit research on early terms. Sometimes, that the genital of the kid cannot be made out as his certain arrangement in a uterus can complicate the review.

2. Notice that girls move in mother's womb less actively, than boys. But it is so possible to compare if the woman already once gave birth. It is considered that mom who waits for the girl loses the beauty and quickly gets fat. On a face there are eels and rash. The stomach has the indistinct and rounded form. Severe toxicosis in the first weeks of pregnancy begins. If you wait for the boy, then weight is not gained more norm. You perfectly look and feel. A shape of a stomach – accurate and sharp.

3. Carry out genetic test. By this test check the pregnant woman's blood for existence of a Y-chromosome in it. This way defines a male with rather big accuracy. And date of an ovulation influences the one who will be born at you. If conception happened not earlier than 3 days to the forthcoming ovulation, that is big percent of probability of birth of the male child. This results from the fact that the mobile "men's" seed less hardy and through a certain period perishes.

4. Pay attention, as the intensity of sexual life can affect the one to whom you give birth. If couple very often has sex, then wait for the son. When the man long abstained from the sexual relations, most likely, the woman will have a daughter. At least, the national rumor so considers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team