How to look after an oral cavity at children

How to look after an oral cavity at children

Oral cavity care at the child has to begin with his birth. If to look after the child's teeth carefully, in the future they will be beautiful and healthy. Holding hygienic procedures does not require a lot of time, simple toothbrushing is already prevention of many diseases of a mouth.

As a rule, children are born absolutely without teeth. And during the period to the first zubik it is necessary to prevent hit of harmful microorganisms in the child's mouth that there was no inflammation of gums and mucous. For cleaning of an oral cavity take a piece of a clean gauze from the baby and reel up it on the finger. Blot a finger in warm boiled water and wipe to the child of a gum, language and cheeks. Except water, it is not necessary to wipe with anything. Also do not take yourself in a mouth of a dummy and pacifier from small bottles, you do not share the microflora with the kid.

As soon as there was the first tooth, it is possible to get a special silicone brush with soft bristles. Such toothbrush is put on mom's finger. When cleaning the silicone brush not only cleans a mouth, but gums are still massed. At a teething it will be pleasant to the child. Do not forget to allow the kid to chew rubber rings. They remove the naggers and stimulate release of saliva which naturally cleans the child's mouth.

After a year when the number of teeth is about 8, buy the child his first toothbrush. It has to be small, soft and interesting to the kid. You brush the child's teeth with care, without thrusting a brush too deeply. Paste does not need to be used so far, buy it when your kid learns to brush teeth independently.

Often diseases of teeth are caused by night food from small bottles. At the night of saliva it is allocated a little, so the mouth is not washed by it. And sugar, contained in drink, accumulate on tooth enamel and destroy it. Therefore experts recommend to remove milk, juice, compotes from a night diet. If the child drinks at night, then transfer him to water without gas and sugar.

From 2 to 6 years the child is already not less than 20 has some. They need to be cleaned carefully twice a day. The toothbrush and paste should be selected according to age of the child. When the kid learns to spit out, it is possible to pass to fluorinated pastes. It is necessary to watch over health of children's teeth constantly because caries of a milk tooth can easily get "in inheritance" to a second tooth which will get out instead of it.

From 6 to 12 years the milk teeth are replaced with constants and the bite is formed. Oral cavity care during this period same: toothbrushing twice a day, but is already more on time; and visit of the stomatologist is not less once a year to exclude oral cavity diseases.

After 12 years the child can get an electric toothbrush. From this age children pass already to adult toothpastes in which fluorine contains more. Also do not forget to visit the stomatologist together with the child.

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