How to make a simple hand-made article

How to make a simple hand-made article

Creative classes with the child are a beautiful view of rest for adults. And what can be the best holiday which is carried out with benefit! During production of a hand-made article the child studies much, learns the world and makes surprising discoveries – for example, learns as the beautiful and mysterious butterfly is arranged. The hand-made article created from the most plain improvised materials – the magnificent visual aid on studying this surprising insect. Be sure: information obtained in the course of own creativity is acquired instantly and forever.

It is required to you

  • - roll from toilet paper;
  • - color or usual paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - paints, brushes / finger-type paints / felt-tip pens / pencils / wax crayons;
  • - wire / flexible thin brushes (pipe cleaners) for hand-made articles;
  • - glue / bilateral adhesive tape.


1. Draw a shape of wings of a butterfly on paper: it can be stylized under simple "heart" or is brought more closer to a natural form. Determine the size of wings, being guided by the roll size from under toilet paper. Apply it to an album leaf and draw one wing, and the second can be circled on a gleam on a contour of the first (having put the sheet of paper in half).

2. Paint together with the child wings of a butterfly by means of any materials. Represent abstract patterns on a surface of wings or make them similar to natural. Finger-type paints it is possible to gain very beautiful effect of "pointillism" at which the drawing is formed from a set of points.

3. Besides, you can apply technology of applique to decoration of a butterfly. Cut out various figures from color paper: circles, rhombuses, triangles, florets, hearts, asterisks, etc. Let's the child paste them on wings in any order or according to the conceived pattern.

4. While paint and glue on wings dries up, be engaged in a trunk of a butterfly. Draw on a roll from toilet paper in the appropriate place eyes, a nose and a mouth. Allow the kid to decorate all other surface of a trunk as to it will take in head. You can channelize his creativity (for example, prompt that horizontal stripes or "peas" very beautifully look), but the main work is performed let by him.

5. When all details of a butterfly dry, cut out wings on a contour and stick together them among themselves (though, both of them can be drawn initially one detail). And then paste wings behind to her trunk, having greased on them with glue a small strip in the middle. Strong press details to each other and let's a hand-made article dry.

6. The final stage – production of short moustaches of a butterfly. You can cut out them from paper and paste in the area over "muzzle" of an insect. Or use thin multi-colored shaggy brushes (pipe cleaners) for this purpose. Cut off a piece of such brush that its length was enough for two short moustaches. Bend it in half, bend tips in the form of short moustaches and attach all design from within a trunk (roll) by means of a strong bilateral adhesive tape. In the same way it is possible to make short moustaches of a usual wire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team