How to make a star suit

How to make a star suit

Can participate in New Year's star dance both girls, and boys. Suits for young dancers can be made in several ways. Perhaps, you already have some details.

What it is necessary for you?

The suit of a star consists of a dress or a suit (for example, consisting of trousers and a sweater), a headdress – a crown in the form of a star and boots decorated with asterisks. By the way, as footwear modern gym shoes or sneakers will approach a suit with trousers, for example, to decorate them with stars now very fashionably. If after all there is no suitable dress or a suit near at hand, it can be sewed from brilliant knitwear on the main pattern or even without it at all (on technology of the Greek dress). For production of a crown are necessary to you:

- dense, but flexible cardboard;

- velvet paper; - foil on a paper basis;

- PVA glue; - drawing tools.


On a star dress you need a piece of brilliant knitwear which length is equal to the doubled product length, plus several centimeters on processing. Width can be any, you will just remove excess pieces in folds. Put a cut in half. On the line of a bend there will be humeral seams and a section of a mouth. Find the middle of this line, postpone in both parties a neck semi-grasp divided in half and make a section.

Try on preparation on future star, put folds on shoulders, sweep up them. It is possible to make couple more of rows of folds – on lines of a breast and waist. Zastrochite of a fold, sew side seams, process a bottom and a mouth overloky. If desired the dress can be decorated with several asterisks from a beads, beads or a foil.


Draw a star on cardboard. The quantity of beams can be any. Rays can differ on length, it will even be better. Circle preparation on a foil. It is not necessary to do allowances. Stick together preparations. The back of a crown can be made of thin color paper. Cut out from cardboard a strip length slightly more circumference. Paste over it with a foil. Sew a strip in a ring. To the place of a seam sew a star. If threads not really approach on color, disguise a seam a pattern from beads or beads.

Raincoat for the star boy

To make a star suit for the boy, take a monophonic training suit, it is the best of all black. Decorate it with stars from a foil. Make a crown likewise as well as for a maiden star dress. The boy star needs still a raincoat – velvet or from brilliant knitwear. It becomes pretty fast. You will find from a cut a circle which radius is equal to raincoat length with the dredging radius added to it for a mouth. Calculate the radius of dredging by formula r=L/6/28 where L – a neck grasp. To rated radius add couple more of centimeters on assemblies. Cut out a circle and dredging, make a section. Process a mouth and edges of a section an inlay, and hem a bottom. The raincoat can be buttoned on one large button at a mouth. It is possible to make it and on ties. It is possible to decorate it with stars from a foil, and on a contour to sew tinsel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team