How to make a suit of a cat

How to make a suit of a cat

If you decided to sew to the kid a suit of a cat - at all not the fact that you should sew all. For a start get into a case with children's things - suddenly yes there will be a black sports suit for Hercules, a beautiful black jacket for Basilio, a stripped vest for Matroskin, an elegant shirt for the Puss in Boots or a suitable jacket for Leopold there? But several things should be sewed surely - ears on a rim, gloves and a tail.

It is required to you

  • Fur for ears, a tail and cuffs
  • A little pink or gray flannel for ears
  • Narrow tape for a rim
  • Wide tape for a belt
  • Sintepon


1. Measure a child's face circle. Cut off a piece of a tape on a circle with an increase on a tie. Plan places for ears. You will find from fur two isosceles triangles 10 cm high and basis of 8 cm long. You will find two similar triangles from fabric.

2. Put details of ears the faces and stitch together seams, having left the basis not sewn up and having left on side seams cuts on centimeter. Vyverniye an ear on the face also fill it sintepon. Make the second ear. Sew ears to a tape on the planned places so that the tape passed through cuts on side seams, and the seam of the basis was from a bottom side of a tape. Nasheyiye on a tape a fur strip so that it closed junctions of ears with a tape.

3. Cut out a fur strip for a tail. Width of a strip of 25-30 cm if you want to receive a good thick cat's tail. Length of a strip is from 50 cm to 1 meters, depending on growth. Put a strip lengthways in half fur inside. Stitch together a long seam and one of short. Twist a tail. Fill it sintepon. Sew a tail to a belt.

4. Measure a wrist grasp. You will find cuffs - two rectangular fur strips. Sew them at the edges of gloves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team