How to make the correctional program

How to make the correctional program

The correctional program is necessary in work with children at whom lags on one or several disciplines are observed. It allows to meet systematically lacks in knowledge of the child, to gradually bring him to the average or high level of development. For drawing up the correctional program it is necessary to consider many factors.


1. First of all, it is necessary to define the initial level of development of the child. Diagnostics which is carried out at the beginning or in the middle of academic year will allow to make it. If on the general indicator at the child the low or average level of development is observed, then teachers have an opportunity to bring up him, having carried out correctional work. Usually correctional program is formed for two months.

2. By drawing up the correctional program it is necessary to consider time in which correctional classes will be given. It is necessary to distribute the major and correctional activities so that load of the child was optimum. It is inadmissible to give classes in time allowed for rest of children. As an exception, it is possible to repeat in playful way with the child any given moments. For example, during the mobile game it is possible to repeat ordinal numerals or to fulfill long jumps from the place. It is also necessary to consider age of the child and his specific features.

3. In case classes in several disciplines are required for the child, several experts are involved in implementation of the correctional program. There can be difficulties with drawing up the program as it is necessary to consider working hours of each specialist teacher and also a day regimen of the child. Training is admissible as it is individual, and small subgroups (2-3 children).

4. Special forms are developed for drawing up the correctional program. In them the surname and a name of the child, age, group, disciplines, time and the venue of classes, the responsible teacher are entered in tables. It is desirable that the majority of the tasks which are carried out by teachers were on one subject. Then knowledge will be acquired by the child more systemically.

5. In addition, work with parents registers. Parents of the child are active participants of the carried-out correctional work.

6. After implementation of the correctional program it is necessary to carry out a repeated diagnostic cut. Comparison of results will show dynamics in development of the child and also it will be possible to draw a conclusion on efficiency of the carried-out work.

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