How to make with the child a rocket of a bottle

How to make with the child a rocket of a bottle

Joint classes creativity with the child not only are pleasant, but also are useful. They help to develop ability to think creatively at the kid and learn to do something by the hands. For example, it is possible to make a space rocket together.

It will be necessary for you: - big plastic bottle

- 2 hooks, a pricker and 2 stoppers - acrylic paints and a sponge

- color cardboard and scissors - brilliant paper - paper and a pencil - felt-tip pens - a tracing-paper and PVA glue

Rocket model

At a plastic bottle cut off a bottom. By means of a pricker make two openings in a bottle. They have to be located along a bottle on one straight line at distance of 15 cm from each other. Openings are necessary for installation of simple hooks by means of which the rocket can be suspended in air, for example, on the tense thread.

For the best coloring use a transparent bottle.

Push a hand in a bottle and lean a stopper against an opening. Twirl the hook prepared outside in a stopper. Suggest the child to repeat the hands this operation with twisting of the second hook. Take blue acrylic paint and by means of a sponge accurately paint a bottle, avoiding hits of paint on windows. Suggest the child to make several chaotic dabs the sponge moistened in golden acrylic paint. Let's a rocket dry out.

Design windows

Make with the child windows for a rocket. On sheets of yellow and white paper draw three circles of the identical size. Cut out three rings which need to be pasted as frames on windows from brilliant paper. Ask the child on the sheet of simple white paper in circles to draw with felt-tip pens of the face of those astronauts which will go on this rocket. Cut out the turned-out portraits from circles and paste them on windows.

The child can draw the faces of favourite heroes.

Installation of stabilizers

Cut out from cardboard 4 stabilizers for a rocket. For this purpose at first draw four identical rectangles 10 cm long, and 5 cm wide. In the top part of a rectangle recede inside from the left edge of 3 cm and draw the line resting against the bottom left corner. Also draw a slanted straight line in the right corner of a rectangle. Only from this party the smaller tilt angle will turn out. In the bottom left corner recede 1 cm and put a pencil the end. Suggest the child to draw the line from this point in the top right corner. Cut off slanted corners and four patterns of stabilizers will turn out. Paint over together with the child these patterns in red color by means of a sponge and let's them dry out.

Do not use for coloring of paint on a water basis.

Installation of a rocket

Draw with a pencil on gold papers a wavy strip 1 cm wide, 5 cm long. Put paper several times and cut out strips. Paste them together with the child on stabilizers. On ready patterns of stabilizers accurately bend long edges on 0.5 cm and paste them to a rocket.

In the room it is possible to pull plain thread, having tied it between some home decoration, and for hooks to suspend a rocket.

The rocket is ready to space launch.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team