How to organize a party for children

How to organize a party for children

Already there passed those times when the children's holiday consisted in a ceremonious vossedaniye at a table and eating by children of the offered treats. Modern advanced children want that they were surprised and entertained, and for this purpose it is necessary to organize a cheerful children's party.


1. Create colourful original a children's party invitations. It is possible to make it by means of templates which in a huge number are on the Internet. Consult to the child what drawings and the text have to be on the invitation, unpack all this on the color printer and send to guests. Colourful invitations in itself will adjust children on a festive harmony and will give the cheerful mood suitable a party for children.

2. Pick up suitable children's music. At the same time also consider tastes of the hero of the occasion, he can prompt what songs are pleasant to his friends. Musical tracks and clips can be downloaded on the Internet too.

3. Order big beautiful cake, or bake it independently if you are able. Do not use banal fruit and rosettes for decoration of cake – children will consider it boring. It is better to decorate cake with edible figures and amusing inscriptions

4. Make the order and as a sweet treat give children a surprise - a chocolate fountain. They are both classical dark color, and white, pink, yellow and others. To dip segments of fruit in the liquid chocolate flowing a cascade – special pleasure for any child. A bigger pleasure – to eat the turned-out delicacy.

5. Suggest children to decorate cookies as entertainment. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up with big flat cookies that on them it was convenient to draw. Place on a table of a pan with ready glaze (it can be bought ready too), small candied fruits and sugar balls. Give children a free hand, let will show the imagination, painting cookies on the taste. The result of works can be eaten or referred then home and to brag to parents.

6. Arrange quest under the name "Hunting behind Piracy Treasures". At the same time it is possible to dress up children in piracy hats and bandanas, to draw mustache. In advance draw the treasure map, think up simple riddles and tasks, as a result of the search children have to find a chest with treasures – different small sweets and souvenirs which can be divided equally between all participants of a game.

7. Organize the game "Guess a Melody" with children. For this purpose break all participants into teams and suggest them to guess popular children's melodies. For a competition it will be necessary to prepare fragments from children's melodies lasting about 5 seconds. Surely prepare prizes including for the lost teams.

8. Remember about an ancient game in "forfeits". Children with imagination have always a full order so to play this game will seem to them cheerfully and interestingly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team