How to organize the child in the mornings

How to organize the child in the mornings

At school age at children the whims are observed. The child does not wish to go to school, to have breakfast, long collects a portfolio, slowly puts on. These situations are familiar to all mothers whose children go to school. There are easy ways helping adults to organize the little pupil in the mornings.


1. From early age it is necessary to accustom the child to the mode. Your child has to wake up and go to bed strictly on hours. For example, rise in the morning at seven o'clock, and withdrawal for sleeping in nine or ten evenings. Into weekend or on vacation do not allow the child to pour, he has to wake up as well as on weekdays. If you send the child to the grandmother, let  her know your mode. Remember that the child has to get enough sleep.

2. Do many things since evening: collect a portfolio, prepare clothes or a school uniform in which the child will go to classes, in the hall put clean street and replaceable footwear. So, in the morning the little school student will quicker gather and will forget nothing.

3. It is necessary to prepare lessons on the same day after returns from school. Let the diligent pupil will have a rest, then with short breaks will make the lessons. Whenever possible you watch that the child did not distract for a long time and do not leave lessons for the morning at all - all the same you will be in time nothing.

4. Give to the young fighter in the doctrine a different breakfast. Quite perhaps, to the child simply bothered to eat a manna or porridge constantly. A variety in food awakens appetite and gives a lot of vital energy, necessary for children in study.

5. If your child digs and slowly gathers in the mornings, you should not shout at it. Temperament of character at all different, and some children sluggish. Just lift it a bit earlier, and he everything will be in time.

6. Add a little benefit, but do not overdo. Tell that the kind wizard brings to those children who are in time in school in the mornings candies or toys. Motivate the school student with campaigns on the weekend to the amusement park or other entertaining places. But you watch that the child did not begin you to manipulate

7. It is possible to threaten a little. If the child continues to torment you in the mornings, tell that in case of non-compliance with an order and discipline, you will cease to play with it, you will take away its favourite toys, you will not go to circus on Saturday, etc. But you remember that not always threats and intimidation it is possible to solve a problem

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team