How to persuade the child to drink medicine

How to persuade the child to drink medicine

Process of treatment for the child – very uninteresting, gloomy, and sometimes painful and tasteless occupation. If the adult is capable to reconcile to it, then the kid will not be able to realize and estimate need of the use of drugs.

The thought that health of the beloved offspring is staked forces mothers to push medicine in the kid. As a result the fear of mother's shout and annoyance joins just tasteless pill. Here it is worth remembering that the food used with negative emotions is acquired worse. The same rule concerns also medicines.

The fable about a spiteful virus

Effective, but labor-consuming way of persuading of the kid will be a large-scale action based on the fable about a spiteful virus. Perhaps, you should develop the whole fight in which completion the child for receiving a final victory should swallow a tasteless pill. The main condition of such game – be not limited to the only task (medicine swallowing). Reception of a tablet or syrup has to become one of several offered tasks.

Good or bad doctor

If earlier you often said to the child that you will punish him a tasteless tablet or a prick, then the refusal of their reception can be result of the fears which are earlier cast by you. When the child does not want to take necessary medicine, many mothers use "heavy artillery" — a phrase: "If you do not drink medicine, the angry doctor will come and will hurt you". It is simple to guess that the following hysterics can begin when collecting in hospital or with arrival of the doctor. Doctors in the opinion of the kid are so not too kind representatives of the pofessiya, and you do of them monsters – extreme extent of punishment. Refuse in this case intimidation and shout.

"We treat mom, we treat a bear"

Do not begin drug intake with treatment of the child. "Treat" a favourite toy and wait for her recovery. The child will be much easier to transfer various manipulations with drugs if knows that mom has the same feelings. Suggest the baby to give to drink you "medicine", you can even be twisted a little, but surely specify: "Bitterly, but it is necessary!". Execution by mustard plasters can be made collective and to deliver them to both mom, and dad, and a teddy bear.

Do not lie to the child

Many parents, trying to achieve disposable result, deceive children, telling that a tablet not bitter. The child is fairly clever, and such deception will take place only several times. Further he will not take medicine even if it is actually nice to the taste. Use of various products camoufleurs: jam, condensed milk, juice it is authorized only if medicine does not lose the properties, interacting with a product. Besides, do not use for this purpose products which have to enter the child's diet. The unpleasant taste of medicine can forever discourage the child has a cottage cheese, milk or kefir.

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