How to plan pregnancy to the husband

How to plan pregnancy to the husband

Constant stresses and overfatigue, improper feeding, irregular working hours and bad ecology - all these factors I do not promote conception of the healthy child. In the press and from screens of the TV it is much told about health of future mother, and here about the child's father often forget.


1. The woman is learned to take care, the health since small years because girl is born together with the ova which during life receive the same loading, as she. Men's gametes – spermiya – are updated in an organism each 67 days that, apparently, allows to relax and does not worry about anything. Unfortunately, if couple cannot independently become pregnant and sees a doctor, approximately in half of cases of a problem with reproductive health appear at the husband, but not at the wife.

2. The men's gamete has to not only impregnate (i.e. having got through a cover, to take root into a female ovum, having connected genetic materials of parents), it has to reach the purpose previously. And it is very difficult. For this purpose the spermatozoon also needs a tail. All these thin structures of a men's gamete are very sensitive to various excesses, for example, to abuse of alcohol and smoking.

3. The first that the man who is going to begin the father – to leave off smoking can make. Also he has to try to lose a little weight – fatty tissue, especially in belly area, in itself is capable to produce hormones of female type that will reduce activity of spermatozoa. The man has to pay more attention to sports activities – they promote increase in endorphins and testosterone in an organism that positively affects potency. It is necessary to watch that the inguinal area did not overheat - in a bath or when wearing too close linen as temperature lower than the body temperature is necessary for normal development full spermiyev.

4. At the same stage it is necessary to make tests on widespread infections that in case of positive results there was time to be treated. It is necessary to visit specialists doctors if you are observed at someone from them concerning chronic diseases.

5. But even if some problem points will be found – do not fall into despair! Sometimes happens to accept enough within a month or two vitamins, and sometimes – it is simple to reconsider a little a way of life in order that everything turned out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team