How to prepare the preschool child for school

How to prepare the preschool child for school

Preparation for school begins not one year prior to receipt. All developing classes which are conducted with the child nearly with the birth are directed to identification of abilities and development of an outlook. The modern school does not spend time for basic elements of knowledge any more. A priori it is considered that the child already gained this knowledge.


1. First of all it is necessary to teach the child to basic knowledge in the field of mathematics, reading and letters. The preschool child has to know figures within twenty, count up to ten and back, to make the simplest mathematical operations within ten. The ability to solve logical problems with which modern textbooks so abound will be good help on the future also.

2. Reading begins with knowledge of the alphabet. Of course, it in the first class will be studied. But for the child there is a task to go for small advancing of the school program. At first study can bring not knowledge, but stresses. Therefore, it is necessary to compensate any possible gaps. In general, reading very individual ability. But at schools, old traditions are still strong to check technology of reading for a while. So, it is possible to gain reading speed only regular jobs. To begin to learn to read it is possible already at five-year age when at the child the speech completely is created.

3. Knowledge of letters will help with the first experiments of the independent letter. It is necessary to write with printing letters. Capital - only in special notebooks on a template. Since simple letters, you pass to words and phrases. For a start you ask to rewrite seen or read from the book. So, copying letters gradually, the preschool child to learn to understand their value and will be able to write down words aurally.

4. Preparation for school is not limited to a set of knowledge. School – rather serious milestone in the child's life. And it is necessary to prepare for a new step of growing and from the social point of view. Study assumes both independence, and work in new collective, and new relationship, and other level of responsibility. Not each yesterday's kid can cope with sudden loading. In your forces to soften the first adaptation months at school. First of all do not demand from the school student of the maximum results of progress. So far he has to enter a new rhythm and the mode, to understand what from it is required. Walks in the fresh air, a family weekend and the favorable atmosphere of the house will help to compensate school loadings. For the child the world out of school has to be left without changes.

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