How to distinguish extra-uterine pregnancy

How to distinguish extra-uterine pregnancy

In the woman's life sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to distinguish extra-uterine pregnancy (state which threatens not only health, but also life) from usual indispositions which can be symptoms of any given diseases. It is important to make it in due time because in case of extra-uterine pregnancy there is only one means for rescue of life of the woman – immediate surgical intervention.


1. The very first signs do not allow to distinguish extra-uterine pregnancy from normal which develops in a uterus. Symptoms which will arise at the woman will be the same, as well as at development of traditional pregnancy. The pregnant woman can feel a nagrubaniye of mammary glands and genitals, small increase in weight, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, irritability – all those signs which in female consciousness are associated with normal process of expectation of the child.

2. At extra-uterine pregnancy the impregnated and sharing ovum does not manage to pass a uterine tube to the term of implantation and to get into a uterus therefore it can take root into mucous a uterine tube. At pregnancy development surely there will be a rupture of a pipe which is followed by severe pain in the bottom of a stomach, nausea and quickly arising symptoms of internal bleeding.

3. The heavy feeling in a small basin and pressure upon a rectum which can be explained with the fact that the blood streaming in an abdominal cavity accumulates in the lowermost point – a fold of a peritoneum which is located about a rectum can often be noted. There can sometimes be bleeding from a genital tract, similar to periods, but in comparison with menstrual bleeding its intensity is less expressed, often in the same time there are symptoms of internal bleeding and peritonitis at which it is necessary to carry out band difficult operation.

4. At emergence of probable signs of pregnancy the woman who had inflammatory diseases of a small pelvis and genitals before has to visit the gynecologist, is constant it observing. The doctor will be able to appoint laboratory analyses which will help to establish the fact of pregnancy and ultrasonography, the exact place of implantation of an embryo allowing to define.

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