How to pump up carriage wheels

How to pump up carriage wheels

Modern carriages remind difficult mechanisms. At them there are shock-absorbers, complex systems of transformation, the system of brakes and inflatable wheels. Upon purchase of a new carriage of a wheel in it, as a rule, are almost lowered. The deposit in a set happens not at all carriages. Therefore before parents at once there is a question, than to pump up wheels.


1. If in a set the pump is applied to a carriage, then there are no problems. Such pump of the compact sizes therefore it can always be carried with itself. If you lower a wheel during walk, even mom will be able to pump up it and to continue walk or to reach to the house.

2. If there is no pump in a set, you should look for, than to pump up wheels. The most optimal variant is a bicycle pump. All have it practically. If you do not have it, then for certain your friends, acquaintances, neighbors have it. With the bicycle pump you will easily cope with this problem.

3. If near you there is a mounting, address there. Most likely, will not refuse to you the solution of this problem. Perhaps, from you will not even take for it money.

4. Wheels of your carriage can try to be pumped up the car compressor. But you can have problems. The fact is that the tip on a hose of the compressor can not get between a rim and the sleeve of a wheel. Therefore the adapter which is not so easy for finding is necessary.

5. To such question as inflating of wheels in a carriage, you belong seriously as it concerns safety and comfort of your kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team