How to raise the child without father

How to raise the child without father

Presently lonely mother – any more not a rarity. Psychologists claim, as the girl, and the boy need the father. Otherwise it will be more difficult to child to adapt in society, it is more difficult to arrange the relations with an opposite sex, and he will become diffident. However there are many examples when in incomplete family successful people grew up.


1. Find for the kid more time Usually lonely mother the whole day, like a squirrel in a cage turns: it is necessary both to earn money, and to bring up the kid and to tidy up at home. Often forces are enough only for work, cooking and cleaning in the house. And the child, having come from a garden or school, it is provided to itself. Do household chores together, from 1.5 years it is possible to accustom the child to remove the toys, to give to mom things necessary to it, to wash the floors (the truth, spilling all water), but quite so you teach him to independence. Everything should not be done for him. You praise it for each executed business and encourage.

2. Try to fill absence of the man in the house the Child without father suffers without male attention therefore arrange so that he communicated with other men: grandfather, uncle, your friends. You visit the married girlfriends more often. Thus the son will be able to join men's affairs, and the daughter will learn to communicate with an opposite sex.

3. Do not devote everything years to the chadurebenok will grow soon and will leave the house, entering the adult world. If by this time you do not arrange the private life, then will interfere with it and to require attention to itself. That it did not occur, you do not avoid all men and you strike up new acquaintances. If mom is happy, then and the child too. Perhaps, you will be lucky to find the new father for the son or the daughter who will be better native. At the same time never speak badly of the biological father, the girl can have a disgust for a male.

4. You give to the kid all the lyubovyeto the most important in a question how to bring up the child without father. Mother for the child – the loved one, the friend and a support. Therefore it is necessary to remind him as it is expensive to you, to support and to cope together with its difficulties. For the girl you will become an example of the beautiful, strong and careful woman, and for the boy a symbol of femininity and kindness. If the child has enough attention and love, then he will not grow up the closed, lonely and unsociable person. He will thank and respect you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team