How to behave with the whimsical child

How to behave with the whimsical child

Often happens that on a visit, school and on the street the child behaves the good child, and it should come be only at home with parents or with beloved grandmothers grandfathers as it immediately turns into the whimsical monster. Why does that happen also what with it to do?

Whims — not a sentence

The child is not born with a thought to be malicious and make disgusting acts. Usually he gains this ability in a pursuit of the escaping parental care and acceptance. The bad behavior of children — is not important with dear or foreign people — in the majority it is possible to correct by means of the simple, but always working formula: attention, sincerity, respect, love to each other.

Such behavior is frequent - it is copying of the family tradition transferred from generation to generation and put from Soviet period. When it is accepted to be polite with strangers, and at home it is possible to be oneself: to shout, have a fight, each other to say rude words. Therefore before being frightened or look for deeper reasons of disgusting acts of the offspring, pay attention to your intra family rules and norms.

Just let's it be itself...

We the presents only with those to whom really we trust. Modern children from the cradle have a big stress and pressure. Since a day nursery, they are forced to submit every day to rules of the adult world. When they want to run, jump, violently to splash out the energy, they are forced to reduce to servile obedience, otherwise punish them, frighten, abuse. Getting to a situation where are glad to them in any kind and mood, they relax. Understand that at last reins can release. Unless it is necessary to punish for it?

Let for you there will be a consolation an understanding that children are liberated, remove stress which is saved up in a day, dare luxury to be themselves.

Love pinch

Children often behave badly if they miss parental warmth and care. And the worse behavior, the melancholy is stronger than them. Try to converse more often with the child in an open and frank manner, ask on his affairs, kiss, give the chance to sit on knees at mom, to poobnimatsya with that family member to whom he shows, for example, aggression. Very clearly and behavior let it know that it is significant and loved. Tell the kid about that, your life with his birth became how more joyful and happier.

Allow to mount to you upon a neck?

We communicate as we are allowed. This rule works at any age. On someone the person can shout and leave without having listened to the end, and with another he will stand and to patiently wait when to it allow to leave. In families such situation often arises when someone from her members secretly resolves roughness or familiarity in communication with himself. In psychology it is called inability to build the borders. Children thinly feel whose can be broken and whose it is better and not to approach close. Therefore softly protect the borders, adhering to the principles of respect and love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team