How to raise the premature child

How to raise the premature child

It is necessary to raise premature children under constant observation of doctors. Such children need tactile contacts with mother, a certain ambient temperature and waters for bathing. All possible complications at diseases it is necessary to try to warn before their approach.

The child who was born before 37-38 weeks of pregnancy weighing less than 2.5 kg is considered premature. Such children have the small growth and a disproportionate constitution, hyperemic integuments, a down in the field of a back, soft bones and not accrete cranial seams. How to raise the premature child?

The first days after maternity hospital

First of all parents of such kid have to be ready that motor and mental skills at him will develop a bit later, than at ordinary children. The kid who was born seven-months will turn over, hold the head and to sit down for 1.5-2 months after the peers who were born in time. Premature children need to provide continuous tactile contact with mother: they need to be ironed, carried more often on hands, to spread on a stomach skin to skin and so forth. As for food, it is necessary to make all efforts that the kid ate breast milk, but not artificial mixes. And yes the thicket needs to feed the premature child and portions, small on volume.

In the room where there is a child, it is regularly necessary to carry out cleaning and to exclude for several months all contacts with relatives and friends because such children are most susceptible to infections, their immune system is in a formation stage. Temperature has to be maintained in the children's room on a constant mark of 23-25 °C, for bathing 37 °C will be ideal indicators of water temperature. However it is necessary to remember that premature children constantly risk to overcool or overheat therefore it is necessary to change clothes of them quickly, and previously to iron clean clothes and diapers the iron, but not to be overzealous.

Medical care

All used small bottles and nipples are subject surely to sterilization. Massage which mom can carry out is very useful to premature children and itself, previously having taken lessons from the expert. Children who the first days of life were on hardware breath are subject to spasms of bronchial tubes. Therefore at a SARS disease for prevention of such consequences it is necessary to begin treatment of a spasm in advance. It is necessary to raise premature children in the first two years of life under constant observation of the cardiologist, orthopedist and neurologist. Parents have to be ready to constant intestinal gripes at the kid therefore mother nursing the child has to watch the food and exclude the products provoking at the child formation of gases in intestines from a diet. In general such kids have to be under observation of all doctors and undergo all necessary inspections. Young mom has to pay attention to the slightest problems in behavior and development of the child and to ask immediately for the help the expert.

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